Friday, June 18, 2010

Qix: Back with a Vengeance...

After almost a year off I started playing with my code again. Starting with cl-opengl, I quickly remade my buffer objects and got lispbuilder-sdl working. My FreeImage bindings still worked and in short order I was twisting pictures around in 3D. After a hyper-productive weekend afternoon I created some basic Pango bindings. Soon after I had cl-cairo2 drawing text buffers for me. Right now, I have a minimal text-editor in OpenGL. Soon I hope to add a cursor (trivial), arrow key movement (medium difficulty), mouse movement (medium difficulty), and selection (trivial). From there I hope to add copy & paste.

With any luck I will start my REPL this weekend. I've never made an industrial one so I'm assuming it will be difficult. My father's day gift is time to work on my project, I should have about a day to myself without commitments. Let's see what I can do!

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