Friday, November 7, 2008

Work in Progress...

Lately I've been working with a fun JavaScript/HTML library called dojo. So far I've been able to build a couple of very fancy websites fairly quickly. I'm trying to create a project management web application. It's a neat idea that includes a drag and drop form creator. I've gotten a good chunk working and while I still need to add some drag and drop eye-candy, it is somewhat usable. If you do web development, I highly recommend it.

This is a Lisp blog, so here is how dojo ties in: I use SBCL on the backend. I'm currently using mod_lisp, cl-modlisp and clsql to serve the webpages. Using dojo's abstractions and lisp's syntax I can create custom pages very simply. Using lisp, I can eventually abstract away dojo itself. We'll see how this works in the future. I don't have a domain or a server so I can't give you a link. Hopefully I can get one near the beginning of the year.

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